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Deep Learning with Python

The second edition of the popular "Deep Learning with Python" book by François Chollet is out! In this study series, we will go through the chapters of the book, explain theory, run the code, answer questions and discuss various topics related to Deep Learning.

Join us on Meetup for the live tutorials.

All sessions will be available on YouTube.



The book covers a vast range of Deep Learning topics. Starting with Machine Learning and DL basics and using simple examples and easy-to-follow code, it gets us to an advanced level of DL applications. It covers many different fields of DL, from tabular data, image classification, segmentation, and generation to the use of Transformers in NLP. To get the most out of the sessions and the book we recommend having intermediate Python skills and a good understanding of general Machine Learning concepts. 

The material that will be used during the study sessions is based on the excellent Python notebooks provided by François Chollet:


The presenter and coordinator of the study series will be Dimitris Katsios. Dimitris is a Machine Learning Engineer at LPIXEL where he contributes to the development of Deep Learning assisted medical diagnosis tools. Before that, he carried out his internship at Fujitsu Labs where he worked on Computer Vision applications.

Dimitris studied Primary Education and worked as a primary school teacher for several years. During that period he studied Industrial Engineering, received an MSc degree in Information and Communication Systems Engineering, and an MSc in Intelligent Information Systems among others. He has been an instructor and speaker at various Deep Learning-related workshops and talks in Tokyo where he currently lives. He’s one of the Directors at Machine Learning Tokyo - MLT, a nonprofit organization and one of the biggest communities of ML engineers and practitioners in Japan.



You can join all weekly live sessions in February-May 2022 on Meetup or watch the videos in your own time.

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