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MLT has been working on a range of different machine learning and machine learning related projects related to open access, open education, open science and community-driven research. If you're interested in contributing to a project feel free to sign up here. We're actively looking for contributors for ML Search (full-stack), and we're sending out regular open calls for projects.

ML Search

Data Catalogue

Edge AI Lab

ML Search

ML Search is a search engine and knowledge platform that helps you find, store and share relevant Machine Learning resources (papers, code, videos, blog posts, tools) fast by reducing hours of random browsing on the web to seconds.​ Join us and sign up for ML Search, currently in beta.

Built by the community for the community.


We're looking for contributors to join the team, especially developers with front end or UX / UI experience. If you're interested in contributing to this or other MLT projects feel free to fill out this form.

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Edge AI Lab

It started as a physical hardware lab in the heart of Tokyo with microcontrollers, edge devices and complementary hardware to ​experiment with, now mostly online. We're all about educating, building applications and participating in hackathons. 

In the past the MLT team Yoovraj Shinde, Alisher Abdulkhaev, Naveen Kumar, Hajime Kato and Benjamin Ioller developed an object detection and object tracking system and scored a gold medal and 3rd prize in the 3rd Edge AI Competition (Algorithm Contest 2) by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) / New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) Japan.

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We also organize regular tutorials and workshops around hardware and deep learning, led by Yoovraj Shinde and Naveen Kumar. Notebooks and video tutorials are available on GitHub.

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Edge AI Lab
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