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RAKUTEN – Data Scientist, Recommendation and Personalization Platform Group

Tokyo, Japan

About the Role

Job Description: Business Overview Rakuten is one of the leading e-commerce companies in the world. Our mission is to contribute to society by creating value through innovation and entrepreneurship. while aiming at becoming the Global Innovation Company. Rakuten group’s 70+ businesses worldwide span e-commerce, digital content, communications, and fintech, bringing the joy of discovery to almost 1.3 billion members across the world. We have a diversified workforce made up of talented employees from more than 70 countries and regions.   Department Overview The Personalization & Merchandising Department brings together data and technology to provide the most important touch points for our e-commerce customers, including search, behavioral data, personalization, and advertising technology. We support 20 plus Rakuten Businesses across three different continents, 50 plus user functions, and over a billion active users annually generating over two billion dollars in revenue directly from us. Position: Why We Hire We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist interested in contributing to the development of the recommender systems engine of the biggest Internet businesses in the world. You will join an international team providing recommendations for all Rakuten Group services, and working on cutting-edge technologies and algorithms in order to improve and personalize customers' experience. In this position, you will interact with engineers and Data Scientists to provide the highest service quality to all our clients.   Position Details Your role will be analyzing data, understanding users' behaviors, and bringing and implementing new ideas for recommendations and personalization algorithms. You will also implement those algorithms in our platform with the help of our engineers, and perform analyses to provide insights on our customers. Ideally, you will help drive our roadmap for cutting-edge recommendations in a multi-services, worldwide, and omni-channel group. Responsibilities

  • Follow state-of-the-art research on recommendations and bring new ideas

  • Participate in new features implementation and collaborate with engineers for design, testing, and scaling them.

  • Support operations and understanding specific clients need to be considered in our algorithms.

  • Help driving new feature requests on our platform.

  • Provide specific data analysis to better understand our clients' needs, and refine our strategy.

  • Collaborate with international clients and communicate results and insights to them.

Mandatory Qualifications: We are looking for a candidate with a Master/Phd in Computer Science or Statistics, with a good knowledge of recommendations for state-of-the-art algorithms, an appetite for Big Data technologies and Data Sciences concepts, and an awareness of large-scale production-related constraints and challenges. Being rigorous is very important, as well as being a team player, to be able to share and discuss ideas with our team of Data Scientists.

  • Master/Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or Statistics

  • 5+ years experience in Data Science in production

  • Good knowledge of Python and/or Scala

  • Feel at home on Linux systems

  • Experience with production environment and constraints, and best coding practices

  • Ready to address the data preparation and cleaning challenges

  • Business-level communication skills in English

  Desired Qualifications:

  • Academic publications in RecSys field is a plus.

  • Strong interest in Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Couchbase, and Kafka is a plus

#engineer #datascientist #technologyservicediv Languages: English (Overall - 4 - Fluent)

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