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Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning in Japan

We're excited to co-host an event together with Hugging Face on "NLP and Deep Learning in Japan" with a set of fantastic speakers who will share insights on cutting-edge-technology for a range of different applications and use cases in Japan. 

6:30 pm - 7:00 pm (JST)

From Transformers to Datasets: The HuggingFace open-source ecosystem

Thomas Wolf, Co-Founder and CSO at HuggingFace

In this talk, Thomas Wolf will present an overview of the recent work of HuggingFace’s open-source teams. He’ll cover the main open-source ecosystem and libraries (Transformers, Datasets, Accelerate etc.) and future open-source directions.​

Speaker info

Thomas Wolf is co-founder and Chief Science Officer of HuggingFace. His team is on a mission to catalyze and democratize NLP research. Prior to HuggingFace, Thomas gained a Ph.D. in physics, and later a law degree. He worked as a physics researcher and a European Patent Attorney.




7:00 pm - 7:30 pm (JST)

Large language models in production: opportunities and challenges applying AI to patents

Sam Davis, CEO, Amplified AI

At Amplified, we use deep learning to quickly and efficiently compare new inventions and products to 140 million patent documents. Building around large language models presents unique and exciting opportunities for working with patent data but at the same time, working at scale from day one as a startup brings with some unique challenges. We’ll share why we started with deep learning and some of the successes and failures in our journey building an AI-first product and getting customers worldwide that include government offices, universities, and Fortune 500 companies.

Speaker info

Sam Davis is the co-founder and CEO of Amplified. Since 2015, Sam has been an angel investor and advisor to deep learning focused AI start-ups. Before that, he led global business development for a leading patent research company and is a recognized speaker on AI’s impact on the future of IP work. Outside of Amplified Sam is a loving father of two and enjoys learning foreign languages, playing guitar, and writing mediocre songs that are probably best kept to himself. 🎸

👉 Changing the patent system for good


7:30 pm - 8:00 pm (JST)

Good ML UX needs "AI"

Chris Gerpheide, CTO, Bespoke


For many machine learning scientists, improving the system means optimizing model performance. But, in many real-life applications, a decent model alone often doesn't imply a good user experience. In this talk Chris will give examples of how we combine ML/DL with non-ML strategies to create a machine learning product that's successful in the wild.

Speaker info

Chris leads the engineering team at chatbot startup Bespoke in Tokyo. She's passionate about software quality and using machine learning where it matters (and not where it doesn't). Previously she was an engineering manager at AWS. 

👉 Find Chris on Twitter 

👉 Bespoke 


8:00 pm - 8:30 pm (JST)

Politeness-aware Machine Translation for Japanese

Anja Austermann, Software Engineer, Google Japan

The talk gives an overview of our experiments to generate Japanese translations with different levels of politeness. The Japanese language has a complex system of rules to express politeness in interpersonal communication. We trained neural machine translation models to take the user’s desired politeness level into account when translating into Japanese.​

Speaker info

Anja is a Software Engineer on Google’s Translate team in Tokyo and works on machine translation. She was born in Winterberg, Germany and studied Computer Science in Aachen and Paderborn before moving to Japan in 2006 to join a PhD program and do research on human-robot interaction. Outside of work, she enjoys tinkering with arts, crafts and electronics. 




8:30 pm - 9:00 pm (JST)

NLP Applications in Finance

Haiyang Peng, Senior Manager/Lead of Data&AI, KPMG Ignition Tokyo

There has been increasing demand on services or solutions that can facilitate decision making by uncovering insights from unstructured data with NLP in the financial service industry. In this talk, Haiyang will talk about business opportunities, technological challenges and lessons that we have learned during our journey along this path in KPMG Ignition Tokyo.

Speaker info

Haiyang is a senior manager in KPMG Ignition Tokyo (KIT), leading an advanced analytics team and a Data&AI guild. Prior to KIT, he worked in telecommunication and manufacturing industry as a data scientist. He is holding a PhD in physics, with 15 years accumulated experience in data analytics. 

👉 EN: Dive into the Ocean of Data/AI with the Team!

👉 JP: Data/AIの海にチームで飛び込め - KPMGジャパン

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