MLT has been working on a range of different machine learning and machine learning related projects related to open access, open education, research and Edge AI. If you're interested in contributing to a project feel free to sign up here. We're sending out regular open calls for projects.

ML Search

ML Search is a search engine and knowledge platform that helps you find, store and share relevant Machine Learning resources fast eliminating hours of random browsing on the web.​ Join us and sign up for ML Search, currently in beta.

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Edge AI Lab

It started as a physical hardware lab in the heart of Tokyo with microcontrollers, edge devices and complementary hardware to ​experiment with, now mostly online. We're all about educating, building applications and participating in hackathons. 

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Papers with Annotations

Papers with Annotations (PwA) compiles multiple (AI-related) papers with illustrations, annotations, and brief explanations for technical keywords, terms and previous studies which makes them easier to read and to get the main idea intuitively.

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CNN Architectures

The most comprehensive code and paper tutorials on Convolutional Neural Networks, led by Machine Learning Engineer Dimitris Katsios. Learn how to read a scientific paper and reproduce a deep learning architecture from scratch.


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Stanford CS 230 Deep Learning Translation

A team of bilingual MLT members​ has translated illustrated Deep Learning lecture notes covering the content of the CS 230 Deep Learning class at Stanford in 2019 into Japanese.

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